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Cutaway is on IMDB!

Unbeknownst to me, Cutaway now has a place on IMDB. Prior to that, there was only some mediocre action film about skydiving starring Dennis Rodman… Almost enough for me to want to change the title, but hey, this will be like car accident Crash vs. ham-handed race relation bullshit Crash. Check it out here!

Eyes Dream

I had an eye opening experience… I’ve been a little sick over the last few days, and sometimes when I’m sick, or if I have any physiological experience, I become a borderline hypochondriac. Stems from having been a mysophobe. I usually don’t think I have any serious ailment when it does happen, and I haven’t […]

Blackwing Interview by Palamino

Stop the presses! The film I wrote for my friends Ric n’ Vic managed to peak the interest of the titular product’s manufacturer, Palamino. I’m a bit of a pig in a python on this one, but Ricardo just pointed this out to me as we drank our brains out in celebration of his and […]

Time for a Deadly Weekend Wissenschaft

I’ve finished licking all my cuts and am ready to move on to other things…   So I have been at the stage where I have let go of Cutaway, and am ready to dedicate my time, energy, and lunacy to another project. After some postpartum navel-gazing, I’ve finally set my mind to what I’ll […]