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Super-Sized Super Hero Movies are Clogging Their Own Arteries

Starting to look like triple-decker bacon cheeseburgers on Krispy Kreme doughnuts… Full disclosure: Since sitting through The Day After Tomorrow and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 in the summer of 2004, I’ve stopped caring about big budget FX shows. I mostly hated Spider-Man 2 and its predecessor due to all its melodrama. The Day After Tomorrow […]

In With the Old to Bring Out the New

A new film forged from the guts of old ideas. Finished the script for [Cauchemar-22]. It’s a mish mash of dreams which haunt my mind, along with kooky concepts and inventions I’ve thought of.   I’m satisfied with it, but this is just the start of the battle. It’s onto getting it ready to shoot […]

Keeping My Head On My Shoulders In My Neck of the Woods

    Hey, it’s me again. Got you all enticed by my sweet talk just to leave you to your own devices again, I know. But it was so that I could work on things which would in the long run provide you some healthy material. I’m looking at the big picture, ’tis all. I […]