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The 20 Films of 2013 Which Belong Down in Hell’s Asshole

Yesterday I brought you my Top 10. But the way things tend to work is, there’s usually more bad things out there than there are good things. This applies to movies, and boy have I seen some real satanic turds. There are some which just shouldn’t go unmentioned, so I bring my bottom 20 list. […]

Top 10 Films of 2013

Two weeks into the year, but considering January is just the month studios use to dump their flavourless shit into theatres, it’s safe to say nothing released this year has taken way attention from last year’s releases. I feel last year had better films than 2012, which was an utter disappointment. I struggled just to […]

Super-Sized Super Hero Movies are Clogging Their Own Arteries

Starting to look like triple-decker bacon cheeseburgers on Krispy Kreme doughnuts… Full disclosure: Since sitting through The Day After Tomorrow and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 in the summer of 2004, I’ve stopped caring about big budget FX shows. I mostly hated Spider-Man 2 and its predecessor due to all its melodrama. The Day After Tomorrow […]

A Means to an Ending

So tonight, I finished up the ending of the screenplay I’m working on. Not popping the champagne bottles just yet, because it still has a lot of work left to be done. There’s a gap between the ending and an earlier scene which still needs other scenes to connect the events. As well, I plan […]

Write What You Know, Or Who You Blow?

There’s a story within a story that I wrote that was about a future society where all artists, scientists, and politicians have run out of ideas, so they decide to live life in reverse and adopt past trends. They persist until they turn back into amoebas. The story was set in 9090, but frankly, it’s […]

Breaking The Bullshit Curse

Making New Year’s resolutions is one of the few holiday traditions I take a little seriously. Probably because they are for a person’s own individual interests. No one can disappoint you but yourself, since the burden is on you to adhere.   I took some time to consider what my top priority should be: Something […]

The Dark Write Rises

So I usually don’t use this place to share my movie reviews, I usually just piss out short reviews on Shitter, and I usually just log things on Letterboxd. However, The Dark Knight of 2008 was a movie that I profoundly hated. I gave it a 1/10.   Yet it was loved by so many […]

Cutaway is on IMDB!

Unbeknownst to me, Cutaway now has a place on IMDB. Prior to that, there was only some mediocre action film about skydiving starring Dennis Rodman… Almost enough for me to want to change the title, but hey, this will be like car accident Crash vs. ham-handed race relation bullshit Crash. Check it out here!

Blackwing Interview by Palamino

Stop the presses! The film I wrote for my friends Ric n’ Vic managed to peak the interest of the titular product’s manufacturer, Palamino. I’m a bit of a pig in a python on this one, but Ricardo just pointed this out to me as we drank our brains out in celebration of his and […]

Time for a Deadly Weekend Wissenschaft

I’ve finished licking all my cuts and am ready to move on to other things…   So I have been at the stage where I have let go of Cutaway, and am ready to dedicate my time, energy, and lunacy to another project. After some postpartum navel-gazing, I’ve finally set my mind to what I’ll […]