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In With the Old to Bring Out the New

A new film forged from the guts of old ideas. Finished the script for [Cauchemar-22]. It’s a mish mash of dreams which haunt my mind, along with kooky concepts and inventions I’ve thought of.   I’m satisfied with it, but this is just the start of the battle. It’s onto getting it ready to shoot […]

Keeping My Head On My Shoulders In My Neck of the Woods

    Hey, it’s me again. Got you all enticed by my sweet talk just to leave you to your own devices again, I know. But it was so that I could work on things which would in the long run provide you some healthy material. I’m looking at the big picture, ’tis all. I […]

Beating Off

Dearest Gallowmere,   Sorry for flaking on you more than a bowl of cereal covered in dandruff on a winter’s night. It’s just, you’re so special that I don’t feel I have anything worthy to say to you. Instead, I share my thoughts or things which come to my interest on cheap and easy social […]

Surrealist Tinted Glasses

I unfortunately don’t have it on me anymore, as it got lost at some point in my life while moving between mental wards. However, I can still remember it after all these years. My first story. In kindergarten, a bunch of my classmates and I decided to draw one big picture. We made a character […]

A Means to an Ending

So tonight, I finished up the ending of the screenplay I’m working on. Not popping the champagne bottles just yet, because it still has a lot of work left to be done. There’s a gap between the ending and an earlier scene which still needs other scenes to connect the events. As well, I plan […]

Write What You Know, Or Who You Blow?

There’s a story within a story that I wrote that was about a future society where all artists, scientists, and politicians have run out of ideas, so they decide to live life in reverse and adopt past trends. They persist until they turn back into amoebas. The story was set in 9090, but frankly, it’s […]

I’m not a spy… but I used to be…

My cover has been blown… I have a confession to make: I am not actually the buoyantly cynical writer/filmmaker you have all come to love to hate. I want to tell you about the time nearly two years ago when my identity was compromised.   At this time, I was disguised as a lowly customer […]

Time for a Deadly Weekend Wissenschaft

I’ve finished licking all my cuts and am ready to move on to other things…   So I have been at the stage where I have let go of Cutaway, and am ready to dedicate my time, energy, and lunacy to another project. After some postpartum navel-gazing, I’ve finally set my mind to what I’ll […]